Welcome to the Texas STEM Coalition

The Texas Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Centers address the challenges of tomorrow’s technology-driven economy by researching, developing, and supporting best practices in STEM education for K-12 schools. The Texas STEM Coalition, comprised of the T-STEM Centers and other members, work with 105 T-STEM Academies as well as all Texas schools to transform teaching and learning methods, improve achievement in STEM education, and ensure all students are college-ready, career-ready, and life-ready. 

Who We Are

The Mission of the Texas STEM Coalition is to work with educators to ultimately prepare all Texas students to thrive in the 21st Century global economy by leveraging its extensive network of expertise, partnerships, resources and experience to:

- transform teaching and learning,
- promote the implementation of innovative, research- and standards-based STEM practices that align with College and Career Readiness objectives, and
- facilitate its dissemination through an effective state-wide alliance.

To download a roster of the 7 STEM centers and contact information, CLICK HERE.

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What We Do

The Texas STEM Centers were created with a multi-faceted focus including disseminating proven STEM practices across the state, supporting the T-STEM Academies and the State math and science initiatives, developing pathways to increase the number of available quality STEM teachers, creating STEM professional development and curriculum, and researching practices in the field. In order to effectively accomplish these initiatives, the 7 centers need to function as a "single" statewide center with multiple locations and entry points to develop a coordinated approach.

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